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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Toys and Treats gift pack - set price $10 shipped

Purple, pink, tan and red

You will get one pom pom toy, one bag of treats and two catnip toys (made with YeoWWW catnip - or no catnip if you prefer.. I do have polyfill)

Limited to fifteen since that is all the cat treats I have on hand. These were all either won or given to me and they are not 'Jack approved' and so I don't think it is fair to give them to some of the cats if I can't give them to all of them.

The pom pom toy comes in your choice of color and either a short (seen above) or long (several feet) option. The red is very limited. These are Twee's absolute favorite toys, and making them when she is around is 'interesting' :)  While that first one looks gray in the photo, it is a purple color.

The catnip toy will be made out of left over fabric I have from different craft projects.  I have a good selection above, but I have others. If you like something you see, I can use it. If you don't care I've got others.

$10 shipping included.  First come, first serve. I will do my best to honor your request, but if I can not, I will let you know. If you like the toys, I will have many left overs and can easily add one or two into another order if you would like for an additional donation.


  1. Would love two of these :-). My fosters are going to be excited!

  2. Count me in for one set. (Purple pom and grain free treat, if possible)

  3. Would love 2 sets of these! Only request is a short-tail pom pom toy... :)

  4. I'd like, well Annabelle wants, one set please...pink toy, girly print for catnip toys and fishy flavored treats if possible. I'll pay through PayPal and message you on FB with address and confirmation info. :)

  5. I'll take 2 sets, please. Any color combo is fine. :-) -Susan